TechnAus Solar carry out Solar Panel Projects at a range of different locations all around the Perth are. North or South of the river doesn’t matter to us; we are sure to have the solar package to suit your situation and requirements. It can be difficult to imagine what solar panels will look like on your roof at home so we have some photos of our own to demonstrate our work. Feel free to browse and see what we are able to do for you. As always if you have any questions please contact us here.

Advanced Pet Care

Advanced Petcare - Technaus Solar

AEF Bible College

AEF Bible College - Technaus Solar

Bert Bennet Panel Centre

Bert Bennett Panel - Technaus Solar

Beyond Tools

Beyond Tools - Technaus Solar

Carpenters Cabinets

Carpenter Cabinets - Technaus Solar

Chan Thar Oriental

Char Than Oriental - Technaus Solar

Hindu Association of W.A

Hindu Association of WA - Technaus Solar

IGA Xpress Hamilton Hill

IGA Xpress Hamilton Hill - Technaus Solar

ISKCON Kalamunda

ISKCON Kalamunda - Technaus Solar

Lakes Medical Centre

Lakes Medical Centre - Technaus Solar

Steedale Industries

Steedale Industries - Technaus Solar

Thornlie Bowling Club

Thornlie Bowling Club - Technaus Solar

Tully Road Apartment East Perth 

Tully Road Apartments - Technaus Solar

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