About Solar Power

You’ve seen them on the roofs in your suburb – have you wondered how Solar Power can work for you?

Most Western Australians like the thought of using free power generated by the sun to run their homes, but are unsure about how efficient solar panels are and how expensive it is to have them fitted.

So What is Solar PV and How Does it Work?
Simply put, Solar Photovoltaic or Solar PV is a mechanism to convert energy from the sun into electricity you can use to power your home. Over time the technology and the materials used have improved tremendously, meaning the new generation of solar panels are extremely efficient. Power generation from solar PV is classified as clean energy and more importantly than ever before, it’s sustainable.

The Benefits of Residential Solar Power:
Solar power is no longer considered to be experimental. In Perth, the sunniest capital city in Australia, an increasing number of households are seeing the value in Solar PV systems. Because PV’s are so efficient, many households actually generate more power than they require, so if the property is connected to the grid, any surplus is fed into the mains power grid. Some electricity companies will meter the electricity fed into the grid by your system and provide a credit on your bill.

Solar PV, it’s More Affordable Than You Think:
Currently there are still Government rebates available which can save you thousands of dollars on the cost of installing your solar system and linking it to the grid. This means the system pays for itself sooner and your return on investment is free power for years to come.

Installing a Grid Connect Solar System:
Most customers choose a roof mounted solar system. For most of Australia, the modules should be installed facing north in order to take full advantage of the sun; however a west facing installation may also be desirable. As all of the components in a grid connect system have no moving parts, you can expect a long and hassle free life from your solar power system

How Much Space Will I Need?
TechnAus Solar has systems small enough to fit into 11 square metres of roof space. This size will generate around 30% of the average family’s energy needs each year. Their domestic system sizes range from 1.5kW to approximately 5kW. The more powerful the system, the more solar modules and roof space needed.

Interested to know more?
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