Solar Rebates


The major rebate currently available is the national Solar Credits Program. The Solar Credits multiplier offers thousands of dollars in savings depending on the size and location of installation and applies to new installations of small-scale renewable energy generators eligible under the scheme. As with many government rebates there are some conditions attached.

Every kW of capacity creates STCs (Small-scale Technology Certificates) which can be used to offset the initial cost of the PV system.

Live in an apartment complex?
If you live in an apartment complex you are also eligible to apply for a solar power rebate under the solar credits program. In order to be eligible you must satisfy the following three additional criteria:

  1. Applicant must be an owner occupier of an apartment within the apartment block
  2. You must have permission from body corporate


Solar Credits Program:
The solar credits program provides substantial savings for businesses on grid connect solar power systems. To learn more about the solar credits program get hold of the TechnAus Solar team on 1300 672 551, you can get a huge discount on a solar energy systems thanks to the Australian government’s solar panel credits program subsidy!

The solar credits program applies to off grid and grid connect wind and solar power installations only – solar hot water rebates operate under completely different schemes.

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